Design Principal Founder of KCA
Khuan Chew
There is no limit to perfection.
John Carolan
Design Director (DXB)
A statement made by me to the Japanese consortium of the Metro when we were appointed by the client to take over the train design from them. They wanted me to work with the designer and my response was : “There can only be one!”
Graham Benton
Associate (DXB)
If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.
Rakan Jandali
Associate (DXB)
You were born original; don’t die a copy.
Raj Sanotra
Associate & Head Of Operations (LDN)
Leadership at one time meant muscles; Today it means getting along with people.
Mejdi Zarrouk
Associate (LDN)
Design, like poetry or music, stimulates excitement and triggers positive emotions. Beyond providing architectural solutions, it connects with us at a deeper level.
Alya Gribi
Associate (LDN)
Fulfilling the shared vision for the project is what I consider to be the true measure of success.
Associate (LDN)
Adam Honeyman
Trust your instincts!
Franziska Von Groll
Associate (LDN)
A good project becomes a great project when team synergy creates the shared vision.
Radek Stefanczyk
Associate (LDN)
Always put your heart into the design and the mind will follow.
Associate (HK)
Imagination is stronger than knowledge; Myth is more potent than history; Dreams are more powerful than facts; Hope always triumphs over experience; Laughter is a cure for grief and love will outlive death.
Yong Cheng Wang
Associate (HK)
The only way our light and energy will last is if we share it with others!
Josephine Thong
Associate (HK)
True beauty can only be perceived from within... including buildings.